Animation magic


New for 2020

2-way chat

Animachat enables your animated mascot to have real-time interaction and 2-way chat with your customers.

Effortless control

One operator, hooked up to our animation brain, can interact with your audience and effortlessly control your animated character enabling real-time mascot movement and conversation.

Web streaming

Performances can be delivered from anywhere in the world. One operator can stream to multiple venues over the internet.


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Danfos, Universe

"Animalive has been a solid part of Universe Science Park since 2013. With the use of Animalive the Robert Robot character and his features have charmed, surprised and entertained our guests in the daily Robert Robot Show."

Dynamic Earth

"We all love Animalive and it has been a very robust system, little in the way of downtime in nearly 8 years and is still very popular and often mentioned positively in customer feedback."


"'Are you real?''Are you really in the rainforest?''Can you take me to the rainforest?'These are some of the comments we hear back from excited children when they get to see and talk in real-time to Ranger Tabatha."


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