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Animalive Video Studio

3 ways to make animated videos for social media
Play Video

Broadcast Real-Time

Create Live Character Interactions on livestream platforms like YouTube and Zoom.


Video Studio

Make your mascot the face of all marketing communications with the easy-to-use Video Studio feature.


Remote Brand Engagement

Engage your audience across the globe Remotely right from the marketing office.

This video has been deleted.


22-inch Monitor, Monitor arm, i7 PC work station with 2060 Nvidia graphics card,

AiQ-Synertial Ltd Premium Upper body Motion Capture Suit. Includes head, spine, hips, arms, and pincers, iPhone 10, Face Capture helmet, Batteries, High-end boya microphone, Basic PC speakers, Behringer Song Mixer 802


Live animation streaming, Live animation recording software, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) streaming, AnimaChat Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) plugin,

SynDash Motion Capture software, AVS Video editor license - 3 years,


Hardware warranty- 2 years, Remote installation support (1), Software updates - 1 year

Total for Hardware, Software and Sevices


Add ons

Lowerbody Motion Capture Suit: $4000

Custom Content

Add custom content to the AnimaChat software. Whether this is content you have already or something you'd like our art team to whip up we can add it into your unique system.


Custom Character

Let Animalive's talented art team create your 3D mascot



Custom Props

Handmade props that can act as talking points or aids to your unique story



Custom Scene

Place your characters into a suitable environment that fits your brand



Something else?

Anything else you have in mind?  Let us know and we'll get to work on it

Contact us


Custom Animations

A fluttering bird?  A tunneling mole?  Tell us your unique animations to add to your system

$150 per take (min 5)

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