Animalive 2020



AnimaChat is the show-stopping product from Animalive that enables your audience to talk directly to your branded mascot.  

In this package, we provide you with everything you need to deliver the unique, magical experience of AnimaChat.

The package contains an AnimaServer, an AnimaClient, and basic Animalive Content to get you up and running with our groundbreaking technology guaranteed to revolutionize your venue.



AnimaServer is the central control unit of AnimaChat.  It streams your performance to any clients that are connected to your AnimaServer.  It is also the place where all your amazing content lives.



The central control unit of AnimaChat, servers your performance to clients


Head Tracker

One-to-one mapping of your head to the digital mascot for lifelike animation


Touchscreen Interface

Touchscreen interface for swift, intuitive control of your scene


AnimaChat Engine

The software that powers AnimaChat.  Updates to the latest version included for one year.


Audience Monitor

Keep on eye on your audience so you can respond to their reactions



Connection hub that connects all AnimaServer devices together wirelessly


AnimaClient is the audience side of AnimaChat, receiving the stream from your server. 


Your digital mascot is output to a display ready for your audience to interact in real-time.  A hidden camera and mic relays any audience interaction back to the server.



Connects to your AnimaServer and streams the AnimaChat performance


Audience Camera

Audience Camera to beam the audience feed back to your operator


Audience Mic

Audience Mic allows your audience to speak to your digital mascot directly

Animalive Content

AnimaChat comes with a rich set of content to get your show up and running, more than enough to deliver a fully loaded, show-stopping performance. 


Colorful character set including Santa, Bobby the Bear and Animalive`s Annabelle


Premade animations for advanced motions from a click of a button


A range of 3D environments to set the stage for your characters


Adorn your characters with varied props, guaranteed to conjure some interesting talking points


Navigate across different 2D backgrounds, enough to suit any mood

and More

A whole host of other content including videos, musical tracks, weather, 

particle effects and more... 

Download the Animalive Content brochure here

In addition

AnimaChat system includes the following:

  • 2-year hardware warranty

  • Spare HeadTracker

  • Remote installation support

  • Software updates for 1 year

AnimaChat Core: $25,000

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Augment your system with extras to enhance your AnimaChat system.


Upper Body Mocap

Add real-time upper body motions to your mascot, really bring your character to life



Additional Client

Stream your mascot to multiple places around your venue(s), no limit to distance from the Server



Full Body Mocap

Add real-time full-body motions and movement to your mascot.  The ultimate animation package



Face Tracking

Markerless face tracking applied real-time emotions from your performer to the mascot 



Additional Server

Support more shows by adding an additional server, multiple shows running concurrently



Touchscreen Content

Engage your audiences when your show is not live by adding touchscreen content to your AnimaClient


Custom Content

Add custom content to the AnimaChat software. Whether this is content you have already or something you'd like our art team to whip up we can add it into your unique system.


Custom Character

Let Animalive's talented art team create your 3D mascot



Custom Props

Handmade props that can act as talking points or aids to your unique story



Custom Scene

Place your characters into a suitable environment that fits your brand



Something else?

Anything else you have in mind?  Let us know and we'll get to work on it

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Custom Animations

A fluttering bird?  A tunneling mole?  Tell us your unique animations to add to your system

$150 per take (min 5)

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AnimaAR is Animalive's augmented reality app for smartphones and tablets.  Digitize your venue with varied, fun and engaging AR experiences simply by spreading our unique QR codes around your venue.

AnimaAR Modules

AnimaAR is made up of several modules, each a different type of experience in the AR app.  The different modules are tirggered by unqiue QR codes.  

AnimaAR provides a dynamic set of content for each of these modules that is refreshed every 2 weeks.


Treasure Hunt

Complete a series of challenges across varied terrains



Always guaranteed to stimulate some energy, dance along with our characters

iconmonstr-help-3-240 (1).png


Are you smarter than a 12th grader? Answer questions posed by Animalive's digital mascots

iconmonstr-smiley-8-240 (1).png


Some great one-liners from our most cheeky characters



Learn something new today as interesting facts and trivia are brought to life through animated mascots

AnimaQR Codes

We provide you with 10 QR codes (choose from 50) that each contain a different set of content for each of the modules listed above

AnimaAR: $2,500

Additional QR Codes $250

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Custom AnimaAR

Would you like to cusomtise the content of the AR experiecne?  Then why not have your own branded AR App in the Google Play and Apple App Stores with your own unique, custom content.

In addition

  • Submission onto Google Play & Apple App Stores

  • 10 x AnimaAR QR codes

  • Custom QR Code designs

  • License to add branded customized content to AnimaAR Modules

Custom AnimaAR: $5,000

Custom Content


Custom QR Code

Add a unique textured QR code that suits your brand that triggers a custom AR module



Custom Character

Have your own character?  We can add that to your Custom AnimaAR system



Custom AR Module

Want your own unique AR experience?  We can add that as a module custom to your brand


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