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The Animalive Story

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Ali Kord, the founder of Animalive, is a pioneer in motion capture technology and test drove his first full body 'mocap' system in April 1994. Since then he has been instrumental in bringing various products to market that were made possible only by application of motion capture technologies.

First there was mocap...

One of those applications was the Animalive line of products which unlike most of the other ones was not born out of a Eureka moment, but rather was guided and requested by various clients who had secured his other products and services in the animation industry. 


Then there was animation...


The big hints came when companies as varried as Toyota, Bausch and Lomb, BBC, Coke, Dell and others paid large sums of money to have audiences wowed for a few days at an exhibition or an event using Ali's team's real-time mocap systems running custom-made animated characters.

Then became the star in corporate events...


In 2006 the first attempt  was made to consolidate the elements that were used in the wowing of the audiences so a stand-alone prototype booth was made to test at the London Science Museum which of course, turned out to be a hit, especially with the children.

And wondered what about the kids...

Animalive Booth 2 Small short.jpg

The next step was to go into production and Animalive was born in 2007 by introducing a booth that included all the hardware and software needed to amaze.  And even though large industrial corporations still commissioned serious human characters for events, Animalive turned its focus on Family Entertainment Centres and small theme parks who needed to keep the kids entertained.

So the first version of Animalive was born.

Looney Tunes Live.jpg

Animalive's production of Looney Tunes' show at the Butlins Park in the UK won the Best Production & Set Award at the IAAPA Exhibition in Orlando in 2009 and at IAAPA 2010 won the Best New Product Award....

Which quickly won an IAAPA award...

15 of Up B.jpg

We installed many built-for-purpose systems for larger FECs, as well as smaller establishments. Either way we kept learning how to do the job better: better characters, better animation technology, better show software, simpler and more dedicated motion capture system, as well as more affordable prices.

Then lots and lots of people joined in...


And now we have added a game changing character type...

Today, Animalive systems have compiled the huge advances in both computer animation and motion tracking technologies and put them together with the latest in what the Internet can muster to offer clients the best pipelines in 2-way interaction between audiences and characters. Add depth of experience and the scope of AnimaChat servers (how many locations can be served by the same system and from how far) to our amazing characters graphics , and you will get the latest

Animalive Chat Systems.

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