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What Is AnimaKidsParty?

What Is AnimaKidsParty?

AKP is a new service by Animalive who has for over 15 years provided
industry-leading real-time interactive 3D character animations to theme parks, FECs, museums and shopping malls across the globe. These unique attractions presents the experience live interactive animated shows by trained professionals and Augmented Reality. Perfect to entertain people of all ages. Explore everything that AKP has to offer. 

Bull Wave Right - A3.png
Deer - Wave Left - A3 v2.png
Rabbit - Arms UP A3.png
Toucan - Wave Right A3.png
Anabelle - ArmsUP A3_.png
Bear - wave right A3.png
Lion wave left - A3.png

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IAAPA 2022
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Explore what AKP has to offer!
Here, you can find the recap of  IAAPA 2022 experience by Animalive. Thank you all for your beyond interest!

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33 Mighell Street, Brighton, BN2 0JF, U.K.

                                               +44 (020) 3865 3327


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